Sustainable living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce one’s environmental impact on the Earth. There are several ways to improve your life by reducing the use of resources. Increased awareness about the benefits of composting, clean energy sources, and reducing the use of single-use plastic are a few ways to improve the environmental impact of our existence. In addition, try adding more plant-based foods to your diet and buy items made for sustainable consumption by local vendors (

As you learn more about sustainable living, you may feel passionate about your new lifestyle and share your knowledge with your friends. Whether it’s statistics about climate change, tips on eco-friendly living, or plant-based recipes. Your efforts to share what you have learned with people in your community can change how they live and positively impact the environment. The excitement you generate will lead to change, and small steps can make our community sustainable for the future.

Living a sustainable lifestyle means the benefit goes beyond your household – the community, economy, and environment thrive. For example, when you choose to buy vegetables from your local farmer as part of an effort to eat a more plant-based diet, you are reducing your risk for chronic illness by eating cleaner, contributing to the community economy by shopping local, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the travel required. Sustainable living goes beyond the self, and individual actions make a difference (

Sustainable living is multifaceted and will look different for everyone. There is no have-to-do or strict rules regarding making environmentally conscious choices and lifestyle changes. With this in mind, we will research and inform our readers about lifestyles that suggest sustainable decisions, options, and behaviors to improve our everyday lifestyle.

photo credit  Jamie Street

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