Soil testing kit for pH

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This pH soil test kit contains 100 test strips, and the test results are available in 60 seconds. The strips work great for any home gardener or farmer. Soil pH can vary in different areas of your garden or property. It is essential to take multiple soil pH tests around your property or garden area. The kit includes a pH testing handbook with color charts to compare the needed lime and sulfur applications.

The Garden Tutor pH testing strips can be used for lawn soil to assess your fertilizing needs.

Using pH strips will help you optimize the fertilizing of your plant’s needs.  Knowing the pH will help increase the plant’s nutrient availability. Proper soil pH is essential to unlock the nutrients in your soil and make them available to plants.

Testing the pH of the soil of plants will help determine their nutrient needs in order to thrive. Some of the plants that will benefit from a pH test are as follows: 

  • houseplants
  • flowers
  • herbs
  • potted plants
  • annuals
  • perennials
  • trees
  • shrubs
  • fruits
  • vegetables



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