soil and trowel


We must consider the soil we walk upon when discussing sustainable living and gardening.  Everything we enjoy comes from the Earth; clothing, food, automobiles, flowers, wine, beer, tea, and the list goes on and on.  Learning how to care for the soil is an essential sustainable concept.

Good gardening aims to have soil composed of rich organic material to enhance the five biological cycles that our life depends on. These biogeochemical cycles essential to living organisms include the water, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur cycles. We educate gardeners and farmers about the importance of these biogeochemical cycles and good soil management.

Soil is a thin and fragile layer that makes our life possible.  Only 3 percent of the Earth’s surface is available for agricultural use. Soil is a limited resource, and scientists warn us we need to conserve this valuable resource.

Below is a Soil Matrix illustrating the composition of favorable components of soil.  

The primary functions of soil are to recycle nutrients and organic waste; it is a medium for plant growth, a habitat for soil organisms, a water supply, a purification system, and an engineering medium. We take soil science seriously and want to educate others about this important topic.  You can make a difference in improving our environment by learning the importance of conserving the natural resources in your community.

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