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Mini-Farm in Placerville

We moved to our new farm in Placerville this year; we call it a mini-farm since it is approximately one acre. We are located in the Sierra Foothills of California and are considered zone 9 for planting.  The property is cleared, and there is no landscaping.  The “blank canvas” is ready for the best mini-farm of my dreams.  

Please come along on this journey of creating an eco-friendly garden.  There are two mature black oak trees and one blue oak.  The trees have large leaves, and they are covering the backyard.  Black oak trees have slightly acidic leaves that are not great for composting.  There is one overgrown rosemary bush, but other than that, there are no other plants.  February is the perfect time to plan a garden.  I am thrilled to start planning and working on this property. 

Before I jump ahead, let’s start at the beginning by doing soil testing.  Testing the soil to provide a knowledgeable foundation is the number one requirement of a successful garden.

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