two bees on purple flower

Plant seeds to attract bees and butterflies

There are several plants that help support the bees and butterflies in your garden. Some seeds will have special labels to indicate particularly insect and wildlife-friendly species.


Sunflowers are great for pollinators such as bees but are also a great food source for birds when they start seeding. They’re also easy to grow and add a pop of color to any outdoor space. Sunflowers produce a huge amount of pollen and nectar making the pollinators very busy and happy. Pollen from sunflowers has been found to boost the immune systems of bumbles bees and honey bees against pathogens.

lavender with bee

Lavender is a popular herb for bees and butterflies since it is rich with nectar. It has the added benefit of making your garden smell beautiful.

Foxgloves are tall, white, purple, or pink flowers considered magnets for bumblebees.

Sedum offers a late summer and autumn buffet to bees and butterflies alike. There are more than 500 varieties from which to choose. These plants are hardy plus drought-tolerant and easy to grow. They are easily accessible for bees and butterflies.

Lamb’s ear is a greenish-gray plant that lives up to its name. It has leaves that are soft and fuzzy like a lamb’s ear. The lamb’s ear plant is hardy and can tolerate a multitude of soil and sun conditions. The blossoms are spikes of purple flowers.

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