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The magic of spring bulbs

Bulbs were invented to make life easy for beginning gardeners.  Some divine power created bulbs so flowers magically appear in the spring and summer.  Imagine a bulb as a prepackaged kit that contains all the food the flower needs to grow and bloom.  How easy is that for a beginner gardener?  You can plant spring bulbs in the fall, and I confess I am late planting and sometimes will plant spring bulbs in the winter.  I live in zone 9, Northern California, and winter in the Sierra foothills tend to be mild.  The majority of bulbs available are hardy and can tolerate some abuse.  Avoid soggy soils or an area that is known for gophers.  Bulbs are one of the easiest things you can plant, and the reward is a beautiful flower.  Don’t forget to check out some of the beautiful summer bulbs available today at your local garden shop.

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